Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advice for My Daughter - Careers

I decided to start keeping track of advice I want to pass onto my daughter. One of the thoughts drilled into my head as a kid was my father telling me over and over, "There ain't nothin' you can't do."

These words have stuck with me through thick and thin. Often, we let internal and external forces create barriers to our potential. We need reassurance that we can do and be more.

My advice? Do what you love for a purpose you love with people you love. The rest will fall into place.

I just finished reading Gladwell's Outliers in which he describes "meaningful work." One of the aspects he discusses is that people will work hard when they see the outcome in what they do - the value. This is true, but if I have the luxury of also doing something that I inherently enjoy (which most people don't, understandably) then this should be striven for as well.

Sometimes, this can be a lifelong journey, or at a minimum take several years to recognize. I feel this is one of my responsibilities as a father. I want to help you discover and realize what you love to do. Not just what you are talented at, but what you really enjoy. I think that's part of the motivation for my dad's repeated encouragement. If you can attain this, you're very far along your journey.

The other ingredients to doing what you love - for people you love for a purpose you love? Some of that takes discovery, risk, and a sense of self-worth. If you strive for these and don't settle, you'll get there and I'll be here to listen and encourage.

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