Saturday, January 14, 2012


I get home after a very nice evening with friends only to turn on the news and hear that Michael Pineda is as good as gone. To whom? The Yankees. What?! Pineda gone? NO WAY! To the Yankees? You can't be serious!

There is no way on earth this is a good move. You simply don't give away a premium pitcher of Pineda's caliber unless you are hauling in a ridiculous payload. The Mariners seriously blew it here. We had a rock-solid 1-2 punch for the next several years making us serious contenders. Now, that's gone.

This reminds me of when we got rid of Soriano, but much, much worse. I'm so disappointed. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better about it, but right now, I'm in shock.

Goodbye Michael, you are a rock star. I know you will haunt us.

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