Monday, January 23, 2012

Glimmer of hope for RIM?

Interesting article about RIM in the Seattle Times today. I'm not one to write them off, but the company needs to do something quick. For all of us previous Blackberry users, there's a nice fan base if the company can put out a good product. If they can put out an Android device that compares to the other upcoming devices, they have a shot a gaining serious momentum. I'd buy:

BlackBerry maker's CEO: No drastic change needed

Here's the part that caught my eye:

Heins said he's committed to switching the company's phones over to a new operating system, which is expected late this year."


"Heins said RIM has to improve its U.S. marketing to go beyond the traditional corporate customer"I want us to have a bit more of an ear towards the consumer market ear towards the consumer market, understand trends, and not just do what the Street is telling you."

Hopefully, for Blackberry fans, "late this year," is better late than never. 

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