Saturday, July 3, 2010

Perfect for the tour, no?

Rapha and Timothy Everest Three-Piece Cycling Suit

From Bike to Boardroom

Designed for the sartorially-minded city rider, Timothy Everest and Rapha’s bespoke three-piece suit raises the bar for urban cycling apparel. Inspired by gentleman riders of the 1930s (with a nod to country farmers in their Sunday best) the suit is the result of a 12-month collaboration between Rapha and Timothy Everest, the renowned Savile Row tailor. The finished product, a jacket, waistcoat and trousers or plus fours, is characterised by its elegant tailoring and luxury finishing, a formal suit that is at home in the boardroom as it is in on the bike.

Features and fabric

The Timothy EVerest/Rapha bespoke cycling suit
As one of London’s leading fine tailors, Timothy has dressed everybody from cabinet ministers to Hollywood A-listers, a clientele with a diverse range of demands. His choice of fabric for the Rapha suit is an inspired one. Woven in Britain, the luxury wool has a traditional Prince of Wales check but has been created using nanotechnology to produce a material which, in addition to looking good, is extremely water and stain resistant. It is also highly versatile, keeping the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter.
Feature-wise, the suit is packed with innovations for on-the-bike practicality and comfort. A ‘storm collar’ fastens at the jacket’s neck to keep out the elements, while the bottoms can be buttoned inside the front pockets to prevent them flapping when riding. The jacket also has an ‘action back’, a shoulder pleat similar to those found in shooting jackets, and which allows for extra reach on the bike. In cooler conditions the cuffs can be turned to down to provide better protection for the hands and the undersides of both collar and sleeves are pink, a contemporary twist that also makes the rider more visible.
The suit is only available as a fully bespoke garment, this is priced at £3500 for a 3piece and there is a limited number available in 4 cloths

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